The Meet in The Middle tool lays out your novel’s action

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5 Book marketing tactics to help your hard work get the serious attention it deserves

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Planting Trees Around the World

111 Trees and beyond in Balaka, Malawi

It began in 2016: “In a country with the 5th highest deforestation rate in the world, with 42% of its children under the age of five stunted by malnutrition, and ever increasing incidence of climatic extremities — floods and droughts — something needs…

Telling your business origin story helps bring to life the quieter parts of who you were when you started and who you are now.

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1) Alerce Kevin Schafer Photography ©, 2) Fadang Western Pacific Tropical Research Center, 3) Guatemalan fir cones © Michael Bartling

Geoff Lawton’s permaculture experiment rocks!

palm trees growing in desert, sabriga turgon,
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Planting trees restores blighted, abused land

an abandoned mining site, sabriga turgon,

Creating coverage lowers temperatures

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Sabriga Turgon

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