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It takes 3 drafts to expose your manuscript’s gold

Sabriga Turgon
3 min readOct 2, 2021
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By Sabriga Turgon

Writing a book is the best and worst of times.

Your creativity is on dripping off your fingertips, your concepts are throbbing to come alive, you can see your book sitting on the bookstore shelves tantalizing readers to taste its allure.

And then there are the aching, searing, muddy times when you stare at the blank screen/page/wall, waiting…alone.

Don’t wait! Don’t ache! Step outta the mud and into the love.

Just write it. Write about aching and waiting. Make your character ache and wait. Or write about how your boss or lover or fix-it person made you ache and wait until there was no love left between you. Talk about how waiting and aching is as hard as pulling your boot out of the sucking mud of a bad relationship.

The greatest beauty of author first drafts is that they’re filled with stuff the author must get out of their heart and head before they can rest. It doesn’t matter if they’re writing about cooking or surgery, an author’s first draft is — for them — their most essential.

The other beauty of first drafts is: NO EDITING. Take your finger off that highlighter! Leave words and sentences as they are until your…



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