The NAB Test Tracks Your COVID-Protection Status

Sabriga Turgon
3 min readMar 10, 2022

It’s effective, simple, and fast

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We’ve all seen pictures of the red COVID virus with its protein spikes — those dastardly things that attach to our cells, allowing the virus to invade and reproduce so quickly it overwhelms our immune system and makes us sick…or worse.

Neutralizing antibodies, says Dr. Kevin Rosenblatt, MD, PhD, stop the spikes from attaching in the first place — just as the vaccines and monoclonal antibodies are designed to do.

But the problem is, science doesn’t know how long those antibodies last or how well they protect you from getting another COVID infection.

Fortunately, the Neutralizing Anti-Body Test (NAB) is a cost-efficient, fast, and accurate way to tell how well your body is making the antibodies that control the COVID virus.

All antibodies & antibody tests are not the same

Even doctors can be confused by this. Just to make it more confusing: you can develop antibodies to the entire virus or to just the virus’ spike.

Many antibody tests don’t test for spike proteins, and even the spike-protein tests may not tell if the antibodies you have are the ones that block COVID from replicating.

With the FDA-approved NAB test your doctor can quickly see which antibodies you have and the percentage of them in your body.

Other tests also determine your ability to block the virus, but they are cumbersome and slow. The NAB test is so quick and simple to administer, it can be done every day and the results come back the next day.

With the NAB test, your doctor can track your exposure record

It not only tells your doctor whether you have antibodies that neutralize COVID spikes from sticking to your cells, it tells how well those antibodies are working. It shows if you were exposed to the virus and if you can pass it on to others.

Some of the most protected people are those who were vaccinated & exposed to the virus — with or without getting disease. Some studies say being exposed and getting COVID leads to long-lasting antibodies that may outlast vaccine antibodies. Others say the opposite.



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